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Wonder Boy: The Dragons Trap

Over the last few years we've seen HD versions of classic games take the stage on several consoles with mixed reviews. This is one that stands out above the rest.

Based on the classic arcade and master system title Wonder Boy: The Dragons Trap was the 3rd game in the Wonder Boy franchise and one of the best. This game is reverse engineered from that orginal game with updated graphics and adjustments to the play system that bring it more in line with a modern platformer without losing it's classic charm.

The cartoon style graphics make you feel like this game would make a great saturday morning cartoon (much better than most of the ones the kids are currently watching).

The old favourites are all there with Mouse-man the wall crawler, Pirana-man the swimmer and Lizard man who shoots fire.

It a first you can now play as Wonder Girl which changes all the screens and expands on the universe for future releases.

Wonder Boy: The Dragons Trap is more than just a remake or a port, it's a true gaming masterpiece and we can only hope the other titles in the series will get the makeover they deserve as well.

5 out ot 5