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PETA wants the phrase "Bring home the bacon" gone

The phrase “Bringing home the bacon” could be on the way out if PETA and researcher Shareena Hamzah, of Swansea University have anything to do with it.
They’ve gone through a bunch of common sayings that reference animals and offered vegan friendly alternatives.
Here’s the suggestions:

“Bring home the bacon” becomes “Bring home the bagels”
“Let the cat out of the bag” becomes “Spill the beans”
“Open a can of worms” becomes “Open Pandora’s box”
“Flog a dead horse” becomes “Feed a dead horse”
“Hold your horses becomes “Hold the phone”
“Taking the bull by the horns” becomes “Taking the flower by the thorns”
“More than one way to skin a cat” becomes “More than one way to peel a potato”
“Be the guinea pig” becomes “Be the test tube”

Will you be swapping out any of these in your daily vocab?