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Woolworths Is Ditching Plastic Ooshie's for plants!


Woolworths copped a lot of backlash from Australias for the unnecessary plastic that came from the Lion King "Ooshies." Now, they have decided to take the feedback to create a more environmentally-friendly promotion. 
When customers spend more than $40 they'll get free plants, similar to a project which launched in New Zealand, where customers could collect 24 different seedlings.
You'll be able to grow herbs, fruit, vegetables and flowers as well as teach your kids about where food comes from and sustainability.
A Woolworths spokesperson said in a statement: "Woolworths is excited to confirm that we will be launching Woolworths Discovery Garden in September, a new collectable designed to give Australians of all ages the opportunity to grow their very own fresh food."



image credit : Pixabay