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Meet the first 3 women to be in Crystal's Un-Photoshopped Calendar


Crystal will be releasing a calendar this November, featuring 12 different women of different sizes and backgrounds, to encourage body positivity in Townsville. " Let's give local young girls and women something real to compare themselves to, instead of all the fake sh$% we're bombarded with online," she said. Every day on-air Crystal & Brady are inviting another local chick to be in the calendar, Meet our first 3: 

Kiri is a 37 year old Mum and school principal, who contacted us on Facebook wanting to be involved to send a positive message to youth. She said she wants to show them "their bodies are amazing, everybody is different but we all have amazing bodies that can do amazing things no matter what they look like."
Kiri told Crystal & Brady she personally has always struggled with body confidence , " i've had 3 kids & am looking a little shabby, but 3 amazing kids come from it."
What an inspiring woman! We reckon her school students are very lucky to have a role model like her....
Missy is a heavily tattooed Mum of 3 "it would be easier to name things that aren't tattooed, than those that are," she said. Missy stood out for her incredibly strong body confidence, when Crystal & Brady asked what her advice to other woman struggling with body image would be, she told them  " if you can't be confident, fake it till you make it!!!!"
We LOVE the sass... Can't wait to see those incredible tats in the calendar! 
Sky's inspirational story, made us jump at the opportunity to have her take part in the calendar. 
This unreal woman lost 45 kilos after leaving a toxic relationship... talk about revenge body woah! When chatting to Crystal & Brady she said "for so long I struggled with confidence, and we all deserve to be confident in ourselves."
Girl, you look amazing and we can't wait to see you rocking it in the Un-Photoshopped calendar. 

We are inviting another woman to take part every morning on the show, flick us a message on Facebook if you too, would like to be considered!