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The weekend is sorted with Scrubs on Stan!


Get ready to EEEEEAGLLLLEEEEEE with your best mate, because your weekend is sorted in the knowledge that Scrubs is coming to Stan!

The TV show that lasted 8 seasons (the 9th Med School season doesn’t count) is headed to the streaming platform from tomorrow, meaning you’ll have to allocate more time to watch the show than play with your KnifeWrench.

This medical comedy came to our screens in 2001, but has yet to leave our hearts because of its camaraderie of the characters (Shoutout to the epic bromance between J.D. and Turk) and the bizarre stuff that happens.

Scrubs received critical acclaim, with many television critics heralding the cast and writers for the delivery of the hilarious scripts and storylines.

If you haven’t seen it before, this goes in the “Hard Recommend” column!