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Pro-tip: Never get a tattoo in another language!

Ariana Grande

If there is one thing that a “cleanskin” like me knows about tattooing, it’s that you don’t get one in another language, because you never know what it’s actually going to say.

It’s a mistake many have made, including Ariana Grande.

To celebrate the release of her new song 7 Rings, Grande got the song title tattooed on her hand – in Japanese.

Posting a photo on social media, fans were quick to point out that the tattoo actually said "shichirin" - a small barbecue grill.

So she tried to get it fixed by adding a little bit more, but she ended up making it worse, finishing up with kanji characters that equate to “Japanese BBQ Finger” in English.

No matter what, in any language, you can always get it wrong.

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