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This is the definition of dream job!

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Do you ever head down to Bluewater Marina or the Yacht Club, and just sit there and watch the boats and yachts float on by, wondering what it would be like to step onto one for a week?

Well a website dubbed the ‘Amazon for Millionaires’ has just the job for you – yacht reviewer!

HushHush, a recently launched luxury shopping marketplace, is on the lookout for someone who can spend a week at a time reviewing yachts that owners want to put up for sale on the sight, to make sure they are up to the standard of the high-end website.

And the best bit about it, you get paid almost $2000 per week to sit around on a yacht for a week!

No experience with yachts is necessary but welcome, all you need is to be 21, have a valid passport, and be willing to go wherever they need you on short notice.

Some of the most expensive things for sale on the website include a French chateau for £62 million ($A112 million) and a superyacht costing £21 million ($A37 million).

Yep, I think that’s one job I’ll be applying for!