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Nanoleaf Triangles are This Years Xmas Tree


This picture is taken of the host of the Random 30, Mikey's actual house, strangely. Way back in September he said "That's enough from you 2020" and decided to end the year by setting up his Christmas decorations. 

Now there's a solution for many peoples houses that don't have enough room for a Tree this year and in fact it comes in the form of a smart light gadget you can use all year round.

Streamers are well aware of Nanoleaf and what it can do to improve the overall atmosphere of their broadcast. The lights can be set up and displayed in the background and are customisable to be either subtle or super vibrant.

Take a look at the way @spideytiff uses hers 


But it's not just streamers who are using this product, the fans are from all walks of life now and more and more homes are looking to "smart Lighting" to fancy up otherwise dull rooms or add that something special to the kids rooms.

Recently I caught up with Christian Yan who is co founder and Chief Operations Officer of Nanoleaf. Now this sort of conversation would normally take place at a trade show or some other expo of some kind. But due to all the cancelations caused by the global pandemic we were lucky to get some one on one time with him talking about the release of a new style of Triangles for the shapes range. 

You can watch the full chat here

The new range of shapes are available now, find out more at thier offical website where you can also see what local store near you stocks them.