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10 Tech Gifts for the Geek Dad

Father’s Day sneaks up on us every year and with everyone in and out of lockdowns, time seems to just get away from us. Let’s not forget Dad this year on his special day of celebration and especially those Dad’s that love to tap away at their computers, play video games or even just have a certain geekiness about them. That’s why we’ve put together a list of gifts that could make your tech-savvy geek Dad, the happiest on the planet.

1: A New Controller


If your Dad was one of the lucky ones to secure the PlayStation 5 on its release or even if he’s just waiting for those preorders to start up again, one thing you could get him would prepare him for hours of gameplay with that second player (who could be you). Match the controller to his style and set up with the new vivid Cosmic Red or sleek and subtle Midnight Black. 

2: Stylish Work From Home Accessories


The new world is all about “Work from Home” and with that comes a need to preserve as much space as possible. So how about a super-slim keyboard designed with that stylish “mac user” in mind. It connects via Bluetooth so no cluttered wires and even has backlit keys so Dad can feel a bit cool while he types up that report. This one from Aluminum-designed Satechi is really nice to type on and charges via a USB-c so no need to worry about swapping batteries in and out. Best of all, even though it’s slim it’s still a full-featured keyboard.

3: The Latest Trackers


Dad is always losing something, his keys, wallet... His mind. We can’t do much about that last one but the latest range of trackers like Apple’s AirTag and the “Tile Sticker” from 3M are fantastic to attach to those items so you can easily track them down using your phone. Now.. where did I put my phone.

4: View From the Skies


This might be a Father’s Day/Birthday/and 4 Christmas’s combined present, but it’s a great way to show that appreciation to Dad. Plus it’s one of those presents you will get use of as well. The DJI Mini 2 is a powerful and more affordable drone that sports 4k video with amazing stabilization. It’s also small enough to be truly portable. 

5: Loud Sound with that Retro Feel


 The Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth is for the “Rocker Dad” in all of us. The Retro tech design looks like a Marshall Amp so he can pump up his classic rock in style. It's Marshall, so you know that sound is designed to be turned right up and the ability to adjust your bass and treble is a great feature.

6: Subscription Service


 Gamer Dad’s will appreciate access to more games and subscription services have come a long way in the past few years. PlayStation has the "PlayStation Plus" membership that gives you a few free games every month and discounts and Xbox has the Game Pass service with access to tons of games for free. Whichever system Dad has he’ll be set with one of these which you can even buy in the form of a gift card.

7: New Earbuds


 Apple’s AirPods are proving to be a really great gift choice. Great for popping in the ears before a workout or to just shut out the sounds of an overcrowded house in lockdown. There’s plenty of Bluetooth options for Dad if he isn't an iPhone user as well, we like the Sennheiser momentum true wireless 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus for Android options.

8: Handy Laptop Gadgets


Work from home Dad is having a spot of trouble, he’s plugged his keyboard and mouse into his laptop but doesn’t have any ports left to charge his phone and on top of that, there’s no HDMI on his laptop to plug in that external monitor. The USB-C Slim V2 Multi-port adapter is the best of its kind that we’ve tested. Super slim, super small, and like a swiss army knife of computer ports. It has 4K HDMI, two USB 3.0 ports, and a USB-C charging port. On top of that, if Dad is a bit handy with a camera it also features both SD and Micro SD ports. One gadget that does everything, Dad’s love that stuff.

9: Gaming Headset


 We talked about Bluetooth earbuds for Dad, but Gamer Dad might like a new headset. The top picks for Father’s Day are the Turtle Beach - Recon 500 Headset that comes in black and arctic camo and the EPOS H3 Gaming Headset in onyx black and a stunning ghost white. Both are great quality and perfect for those long Call of Duty sessions.


10: Handy Kitchen Tool


 Dad the Chef might like spending time in the kitchen but his love of technology is all set to embrace Amazon’s Alexa “Echo Show 10”. You can ask it to convert units for you, look up recipe ideas, set timers, and even update your grocery list. “Alexa, open Top Chef recipes”. The device has a 10-inch screen and great sound so you can watch videos or a favourite TV show while you have your hands full of flour for that homemade pasta. 

So there you have it, 10 gift ideas for your geeky Dad this Father’s Day. Remember though, even if you can’t get him a crazy gadget just give him a great big cuddle and let him know how special you think he is.

By Doccy Darko (Official Tech Reviewer of the Random 30)