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Townsville Woman Who Lost Home In Floods Wins Cash Cow!!



A Townsville woman, who lost everything in the floods, finally has a reason to celebrate.

Mary Rahill burst into tears when she realised she had won $20,000 after entering Sunrise's daily Cash Cow giveaway and saying the correct code word.

She told the TV show hosts "I lost everything", with several inches of water entering her home last week.

Ms Rahill explained that she had to be evacuated and she was now living in a unit paid for by her employer.

She finally got a glimpse of her home on Monday night and told Channel Seven "it was horrible, I can't salvage much. Thank goodness I was insured".

She was insured and the $20,000 giveaway will help her get back on her feet

The hosts said they were happy the system chose someone who needed help and told Ms Rahill to 'do something nice for herself'.

More than 3,000 homes have been impacted by the floods, with 133 severely damaged.

By Michelle Price