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Heat Warning For Those Involved In Flood Clean-Up

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The Fire Danger Rating in the region will remain low to moderate on Wednesday thanks to the recent rainfall but we are expecting the mercury to soar. 

In Townsville we are expecting to see the mercury rise to 35 on Wednesday and 36 on Thursday.  Conditions will remain hot and sunny.

In Ingham, residents will swelter through top temps of almost 40 degrees this week.

Tony Hucker from the Queensland Ambulance Service said "we're expecting it to be very hot over the next week" especially along the east coast.

He is encouraging people to plan their day.  "When you know it's going to be really hot, make sure you avoid the hottest part of the day".

"If you go to do strenuous activity have lots of breaks, have lots of water with you", dehydration can be a risk and can be fatal Mr Hucker said.

In terms of the flood clean up, he said "we all feel for those poor folks who have gone through the flood event recently and they are going to be working really hard, it's still hot and sticky and it's more important that they are aware that they need to keep their fluids up because they're going to be trying to get their houses in order".

By Michelle Price