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Local Cops Are All Smiles After Discovering Baby Ducks

Ducklings 2.jpg

Sergeant Cooke with two of his new friends.  Image Supplied: QPS 

Stuart Police and QFRS were able to save the eight little ducklings who were stuck in a drain in Wulguru.

The ducklings had wandered 200 metres along the drain pipe.

Unfortunately mother duck was nowhere to be found.

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Image Supplied: QPS 

The ducklings are now being cared for by North Queensland wildlife carers. The ducklings are plumed whistling ducks and are about one-week-old.

They will remain at the carers for a few months and they will eventually fly off into the wild.

Ducklings 3.jpg

Sergeant Cooke with his fuzzy haul.  Image Supplied: QPS 

Helen, the NQ wildlife carer said three more ducklings had joined the group last night.

Ducklings 4.jpg

NQ Wildlife Carer Chris helped with the rescue.  Image Supplied 

“They are all doing well and enjoy swimming around in the water,” she said.

Sergeant Cooke said Stuart Police received a call from the public saying that they could hear birds chirping in a drain.

“Fortunately the ducklings were able to be rescued and I would like to thank both the QFRS and NQ wildlife carers for their assistance,” Sergeant Cooke said.

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