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ELECTION WRAP | Cathy O'Toole Loses Herbert To LNP

UPDATE | Cathy O'Toole has lost her marginal seat of Herbert to Labor's Phillip Thompson, after we voted on the weekend.  

She beat Labor's candidate by just 37 votes in 2016. 

Ms O'Toole trails Mr Thompson 42 to 57 per-cent after preferences. 

She has attracted 25 per-cent of the primary vote, compared to Mr Thompson's 36 per-cent.

The next most popular candidate was One Nation's Amy Lohse on 10.79 per-cent.  

KAP'S Nanette Radeck was next on 10.01 per-cent.

The Green's Sam Blackadder won 7.29 per-cent primary support.

But, perhaps not surprisingly, the United Australia Party's Greg Dowling managed just 5.77 per-cent, sitting just ahead of Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party and the Animal Party.  

It comes after UAP Leader Clive Palmer toyed with the idea of paying former QNI workers their entitlements, they're still waiting.  

Right before the Federal Election he stressed that he had put $7 million in a trust account and a Solicitor was in charge of dealing with the claims.

News Corp was reporting that anyone who wanted to make a claim would have to agree not to criticise Mr Palmer.  

Dawson MP George Christensen has streaked ahead, as the vote count continues in his electorate despite being labelled the 'Member for Manila' in recent media reports.  

Mr Christensen has been heavily criticised for reportedly spending more time in the Philippines than Parliament over a four-year period.

After preferences, Mr Christensen has secured 64 per-cent compared to Labor's Belinda Hassan on 35 per-cent with 77 per-cent of the votes tallied so far.  

Mr Christensen also leads with 43 per-cent primary support to Ms Hassan's 20 per-cent.  

One Nation's Debra Lawson was next best, securing almost 13 per-cent primary support, not far behind Ms Hassan.  

KAP'S Brendan Bunyan also fared well, with 6.28 per-cent of the primary vote going his way.  

EARLIER | According to polling, Herbert is home to 56 per-cent of voters who support Mr Morrison as Prime Minister over Mr Shorten at 26 per-cent.

With the count underway Ms O'Toole trails in both the primary vote and after preferences. 

She is behind Mr Thompson 46 to 53 per-cent two party preferred.  

Ms O'Toole has secured 25 per-cent of the primary vote, compared to Mr Thompson's 36 per-cent.  

There is a 6.4 per-cent swing towards the LNP in Herbert.  

Ms O'Toole was expected to face off against the United Australia Party's Clive Palmer but Mr Palmer was blocked by the AEC so instead put forward Broncos legend Greg Dowling.  

By Michelle Price