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Premier Refuses To Rule Out PCYC Closures


Image By PCYC NSW - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Reductions in services at PCYC’s in North Queensland has led Shadow Minister for North Queensland, Dale Last, and his colleagues to call on the Queensland Government to guarantee the future of the service.

During Question Time, the Premier, Anastacia Palaszczuk, was asked which centres were earmarked for closure.

“Time after time we have heard of the importance of PCYC’s in the fight against youth crime, in particular, so any closures are something that should concern every Queenslander,” Mr Last said.

“The Premier’s response provides no certainty for the North Queenslanders who use their local PCYC.”

“Effectively, the Premier has confirmed that the current government does not see PCYC’s as a priority and that is a sad thing for Queensland.”

“PCYC’s aren’t run by government but taxpayers make a huge contribution to the service through the Queensland Police Service and we need to ensure that we are getting value for taxpayer money.”

“As a community, we need every tool available to ensure young people stay on track and PCYC’s, especially in smaller centres, are vital for a brighter future for young people and our community as a whole.”

Mr Last said that concerns surrounding PCYC’s had been raised with him in many areas of his electorate and throughout North Queensland.

“I’ve been contacted by parents and community members who are saying that services and activities are being wound back and that the focus of PCYC’s seems to be changing from young people to profit-making.”

“People throughout Queensland help fundraise for their local PCYC or volunteer at their local centre and they do that because they value young people in their community but if the focus in on profit, people are less likely to help.”

“Local Police Officers work in PCYC’s to build stronger relationships with youth and that is what we need them focussing on; not administration.”

“You don’t take on a role at a PCYC unless you have a passion for helping your community and those Police Officers have that passion in spades. It is an insult to those officers if that passion is being ignored.”