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'Heat Wave' Conditions Predicted In Parts


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A warning, as the weather heats up.

Authorities are urging locals to check on their neighbours in the coming days, with temperatures tipped to exceed 30 degrees across the state.

The mercury is tipped to reach 32 degrees in Townsville, with conditions to remain hot and sunny for the final day of the working week.  In Ayr the temperature is tipped to reach 33 degrees and it will soar to 35 degrees in Ingham.  

Critical Care Paramedic Alex Thompson said children and the elderly are at risk from Friday.  

"All people in care that are afraid I guess to open up their house and use air conditioning, those sorts of things, so encourage people to check on their neighbours, check on people that they know are frail or vulnerable" he said.  

Mr Thompson said "If you are someone that's employed working outside we encourage you to have breaks, make sure you maintain your hydration and really probably follow what we learn in primary school - slip, slop, slap, slide - so make sure you're looking after your health".

He also predicts Paramedics will be busy into next week, "Normally when there is a heat wave, what we tend to see is it's not on the first day, it's on the days following up, so if people don't look after themselves in the really hot period, it's those following two to three days later that we tend to encounter issues".

By Michelle Brewer