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Fatal crashes lead to increased police presence


Townsville police say drivers are not getting the message.

Police presence on our roads is set to increase following two fatal crashes at Yabulu and Mount Surround that claimed four lives on Sunday.

Acting Sergeant Hayley Garrod said it is very traumatic dealing with crashes where multiple lives are lost.

"It can be quite difficult, and obviously in the aftermath dealing with the families and trying to comfort them through things as well," she said.

"It draws in a lot of services, I think the ambulance officers obviously do everything they can for people so it's quite hard on them."

The four deaths took our region's road death toll to 17, almost double this time last year.

Act Sgt Garrod said it is very disappointing to see these tragic figures.

"With COVID, I would have thought the road toll would be less, especially earlier this year when we had the restrictions," she said.

"I guess as a whole we're very disappointed."