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The end of Sizzler; but not the last toast


(Photo: Courtesy of Sizzler)

It is the end of an era with Sizzler closing its final restaurants this weekend, but the chain is leaving a parting gift - its iconic cheese toast recipe.

Loganholme and Toowoomba restaurants are among those stores to shut up for good.

The Townsville branch closed in May 2019.

Dr Jess Carniel from the University of Southern Queensland says since COVID-19, buffet food is no longer as popular as it used to be due to hygiene concerns.

"If you go to anything now it is very much moved to making sure that everything is isolated and as hygienic as possible.

''Buffets have never been known for their hygeine but that's not a slight against Sizzler - it's just that it has impacted how people eat out".

Sizzler is sharing its cheese toastie recipe as a farewell gift to customers. 

And long and behold, here is the secret recipe we've all spent years - even decades - waiting to get our hands on.


Thick sliced white bread

Pecorino cheese



1. Combine equal amounts of margarine with Pecorino cheese and mix to create a paste.

2. Spread the mixture on one side of the bread.

3. Cook it in your frying pan on a low to medium heat for about 60 seconds. When it is golden brown, it is ready to eat.