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Katter party calls to compensate victims of crime



The Katter's Australian Party says it wants the State Government to compensate victims of crime for damages in "crime hotspots."

The party is suggesting victims could claim $1,000 if their car is damaged or broken into, $2,500 if their car is stolen and $5,000 if their home or business is broken into.
The crime hotspots would be determined by using the average statewide crime rate as a bench mark to identify areas with high rates of offending. 
The party says victims in communities, that have experienced crime rates 25 per cent higher than state average, for six consecutive months should be able to claim damages. 
Party Leader Rob Katter has highlighted the high rates of crime for unlawful entry offences in Cairns, Townsville and Mount Isa in December 2020. 
But, under his proposal only victims in the Cairns District would be eligible for compensation if their car had been unlawfully used due to sustained crime rates for six months in a row.
Townsville and Mount Isa fell short of having sustained rates of crime for six consecutive months based on QPS figures from February to December 2020. 
The KAP's Nick Dametto says compensation would help victims get back on their feet, while effectively penalising the government. 
"This won't go all the way to compensate people for the damage that's been conducted by these young criminals or adult offenders," the Member for Hinchinbrook says. 
"But will go along way to pay the insurance premium hikes and the excesses for the policies to help out people in this situation," he says. 
" If they [State Government] can't get the crime under control in these area, they pay up."
The KAP plans to pursue the policy when Queensland Parliament resumes next month.