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Man accused of stealing two cars from military base


A man has been charged after allegedly stealing two cars from a military base in Townsville.

Around 10pm on Saturday night, it is alleged the man trespassed on the base stole personal items including two sets of car keys.

He then allegedly drove away in a gold Volkswagon Golf which was later found abandoned at The Strand just before 2am.

Police say the 29-year-old then returned to the military base and stole a gold Ford Fiesta.

He is even accused of trying to re-enter the base using the stolen car, but drove away and abandoned the Fiesta after he was denied entry.

It wasn't until 11am yesterday that police arrested the man who had allegedly entered the military base a third time and was found driving a buggy around the facility.

The man has been charged with three counts of enter premises and commit indictable offence, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and trespass on Commonwealth land.

He has also been charged with one count each of possess ID particulars for indictable offence and attempted trespass on Commonwealth land.

He was denied police bail and will appear in Townsville Magistrates Court today.