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Respiratory illness locks down Townsville aged care home


A Townsville aged care facility has gone into lockdown in a bid to stop the spread of a respiratory disease.

Two residents at Ozcare Villa Vincent have contracted human metapneumovirus, which is an upper respiratory infection, similar to influenza.

This virus is common in the community, much like other respiratory illnesses such as Influenza A and the common cold.

However, in elderly people, young children and people with compromised immune systems it can cause serious infection.

Three more residents are also showing symptoms, and families were informed of the cases via text message today.

Townsville Public Health Unit director Dr Steven Donohue says health officials are working with the aged care home to monitor the cases.


“There is no public health risk to the community and we are simply assisting Ozcare Villa Vincent to limit transmission and protect their residents as they are elderly and therefore their health is more vulnerable,” Dr Donohue says.

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