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Will there be a road closure?
Yes, the road will be closed along the Strand from Kennedy Street to Landsborough Street. This will start at 10am on Saturday, October 19 and be lifted the same day at 11pm. Traffic control will be in place, assisting with local traffic and vendor bump in.

Will there be parking available?

Yes, there will be very limited parking available. The parking that is available is that parking that is permanent on the Strand. Once these spots are taken, you will need to park elsewhere, however, please do not park illegally or on private property.  Vehicles may be fined or towed at owners expense.

Will there be disability parking available?
Yes, we will have allocated spots, however, these are limited.  Once these are full, that is all we will have available. Again, we would advise on arriving as early as possible to ensure you don’t miss out.

How early can I pick my spot?
As early as you like! Prime position is a must (obviously), we will be setting up all morning, so to be safe, maybe wait until at least after 12pm (if you can)!

Will amenities be on site?
Yes! Along with the permanent amenities along the Strand, we will have two toilet blocks located behind the Strand Park hill. We will have ample wheelie bins and skip bins for rubbish disposal.

Will there be ATM’s on-site?
Yes! We will have two ATM locations, one at either side of Strand Park where the food operators will be located.  Just to be safe, and avoid the ATM line, maybe bring some cash along.

Will there be security and first aid on-site?
We will have a strong police and security presence on-site for the entire duration of the event. We also welcome back the amazing team from Mr Paramedic for all of your first aid needs.

Can I drink/smoke at the event?
Absolutely not.  We have a strict – no illicit substance, alcohol or smoking rule for our event. The Surf Club is, however, throwing the Strand a Birthday Party in conjunction with Fire in the Sky, so if you do need to sneak away from the fam for a sneaky beverage, you can head in there. More info can be found in STRAND BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS.

Can I bring my own food along?
You sure can! We will have the amazing Pop Up Food Truck vendors on-site for the duration of the event, but definitely feel free to bring along your own food if you want to beat the lines!

Can I bring my dog along?
Why the heck not! Fire in the Sky is open for everyone, but we would advise against it.  Each and every year we have a few furry little friends that are a little spooked by the fireworks and go for a little run around along the Strand.


  • Pack up the kids, bring a picnic blanket and a radio, prime spots were filling up well before we kicked off at 4pm last year, if you want a good viewing spot, get down nice and early.
  • If you have little ones, make sure you register them at our Police ID tent.  You can pre-download the form HERE.  If you pre-download the form, make sure you (the parent) take the form along with the registered child to the police tent to get their ID band.
  • Make sure you bring a portable radio, our fireworks display is synchronised to music, but with so many people having a good time, you can’t always hear our broadcast, bringing your own radio will mean you won’t miss a thing.
  • Pack some sunscreen, some water and snacks.  We do have Pop Up Food Trucks on-site, but just in case there is a little wait time, big something to snack on so you don’t get hangry… no one likes you when you’re hangry.
  • Clean up after yourself.  We know that there are lots of people in one space, but we are still walking on green grass looking at a beautiful ocean.  We will have wheelie bins and large skip bins in our immediate event area.  What might seem like a long walk, really isn’t and if it is, it’s worth saving a turtles life for a few little steps right?
  • Please tag us in all of your photos on Facebook and Instagram! We want to know how much fun you had! We also would love for you to hashtag #star1063fireinthesky
  • Don’t forget to get your photo in the FREE photo booth! It is the black Kombi van! You can take a little memory of the day home with you!


  • Please don’t bring any illicit substances or alcohol on site, I know it might be tempting, but we need to make sure our event is safe for everyone.  If you want a drink The Surf Club is throwing a party for The Strand's Birthday (there's even live music) otherwise you can head down to The Watermark, Shorehouse, Longboards or The Seaview, they are all licensed venues.  Security will remove any patron caught with alcohol or illicit substances.
  • No smoking in the immediate event area.  The non-smoking law applies at our event and security will ask you to leave if you are caught smoking.
  • Please, no anti-social behaviour.  We know that there will be plenty of people on-site, but we are all here for a good time, please if you’re getting frustrated or spot something that isn’t right, please grab the event staff, uniformed police or security officers.
  • Please don’t swim after dark, especially if there are no lifeguards on shift. It is very loud at our event, so we might not hear calls for help.
  • Don’t park in restricted or coned car spaces. These are blocked or restricted to allow for disability access and emergency entrances.
  • Please don’t litter. Our poor team last year were left cleaning for hours after the event, I know there are lots of people around, but we have plenty of bins on site. We definitely don’t want to be picking up dirty nappies again.
  • Don’t forget cash! We will have ATMs on-site, but it is always safe to bring a little buffer JUST IN CASE.


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