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5 Moments That Will Make You Feel Old In 2019


Feeling youthful? Forget FaceApp making you feel ancient - Let's ruin your day these moments which will guarantee to make you feel old!

Remember Teletubbies? Well the baby from the has a baby herself!  


Tv series Friends ended 15 years ago this year! Thank god Stan has the reruns covered! 


Bart Simpson will be forever eight years old on The Simpsons but in real life, he would be almost 40 this year. Simpsons sleuths will remember Marge first became pregnant after she and Homer went on a date to see the first Star Wars movie which was released in mid 1980. Doing the math, Bart was born in early 1981, which means that today he’d be 38 years old.


 It's been 16 years since Madonna kissed Britney who kissed Christina at the VMAs! At the time this was every teenage boy's dream... 

And there's a whole generation of Townsville kids that don't realise there was once a holy place that had the answers to all our problems