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Top 5 Amazon Prime Day 2020 Deals!

amazon prime day 2020

Amazon has launched a massive sale known as Amazon Prime Day, but in Australia, we get more than just a single day. So we have scoured the Amazon Australia website and come up with the Top 5 Deals to be had in the 2020 Amazon Prime Day. You do need to be a Prime member but you get a 30 day free trial which can be cancelled at any time.

AncestryDNA Kit - $99


Ever wanted to know your families possible ethnicity, distant relatives and new details about your families story? Then this might be the perfect gift for yourself or family member. The kit is very easy with simple to follow instructions. And after 6-8 weeks you will get an email with your results!


Panasonic Lumix TZ80 4K Camera - $249

panasonic lumix tz80

With 30x optical zoom (clearer than digital zoom) and offering 4K Video, this compact digital camera from Panasonic is great for saving your travel memories (when we can travel again). If you are a prime member, it comes down to $249 when you put it in the cart.


Waterpik Ultra Professional Water Flosser - $105

water flosser

Water flossers are becoming more and more coming. The days of pulling that flossy string out of the box are over. Long live the power of water flossing! Reach spots the floss or toothbrush could never get to.


Withings Smart Body Composition Wi-Fi Digital Scale - $99

 withings body scale

These smart scales monitor weight, body fat, water percentage and muscle & bone mass. And it's multi user friendly too which means up to 8 people in the family can use them for their own personal weight history.


Arlo Pro 2 - 3 Camera System - $479

arlo pro 2

Alexa compatible home camera system with 3 Wireless Cameras. That's right. No need to run cables everywhere, this little system has rechargeable batteries so you can mount the cameras where ever you want!

Don't Forget The Amazon Devices

Lastly, don't forget Kindle and Echo devices are also on sale with some devices being up to 57% off! Here's where you can find all the Amazon Prime Deals