Australia’s Top Dunnies Announced

July 5, 2023 11:01 am in by

After a two-month search to find Australia’s ‘best loo’, The 2023 Great Dunny Hunt has come to a thrilling conclusion. In an effort to raise awareness for those dealing with incontinence, the Continence Foundation of Australia launched this unique initiative. The search aimed not only to crown the most accessible and well-designed loo but also to build a comprehensive database of public toilets across the country.

After sifting through almost 800 entries, three winners emerged as clear champions in the porcelain paradise category. Topping the list was the restroom at Belair National Park near Adelaide, which not only boasted impressive space and safety rails but also found itself in close proximity to some of Adelaide’s most spectacular natural attractions.

Joining the ranks of the winners were two other toilet treasures. Bundaberg Airport in Queensland showcased a lavatory that rivalled even the most luxurious airport bathrooms, while Lake Pertobe in Warrnambool, Victoria, wowed judges with its innovative design and stunning lakeside location.

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It’s no secret that incontinence affects a significant portion of the population, with one in four Australians impacted by this condition. The Great Dunny Hunt, however, sought to combat the discomfort and inconvenience by providing accurate and up-to-date information on the availability and quality of public restrooms. With this initiative, no Australian would ever find themselves caught without a loo in sight.

If you’re curious about the results or find yourself in need of a restroom in an unfamiliar area, fear not! The Continence Foundation of Australia has compiled a handy database complete with a map displaying the locations of the top contenders. Whether you’re planning a road trip or simply navigating your way through daily life, this resource ensures that you’ll never have to face a ‘loo-less’ situation.