Australians Queue in ‘Protest’ to Cashless Society

April 4, 2024 3:06 pm in by

In a colourful display of dissent, Australians made headlines by participating in the uniquely named “Draw Out Some Cash Day”, putting a spotlight on the growing concerns over the move towards a cashless society. On April 2, throngs of people were seen queueing up at bank branches across the country, drawing cash to symbolically voice their opposition against the shift away from physical currency. Social media platforms, particularly X (formerly Twitter), buzzed with activity as users shared images and videos of the lines stretching outside banks, underlined by a strong sentiment of preserving financial freedom.

The hashtag #DrawOutSomeCashDay saw various participants echo the sentiment that paying with cash is integral to maintaining their liberty. This act of protest aligns with the concerns highlighted by the Katter Australia Party (KAP), which recently advocated in Queensland’s parliament for cash to remain an available and legal tender. Donning quirky, royal attire symbolic of money’s reign, they underscored the importance of keeping cash transactions viable in an increasingly digital landscape.

This movement isn’t just about nostalgia for cash transactions but highlights broader issues such as the closure of regional bank branches and the high fees associated with online payments, themes that are being explored in an ongoing inquiry. Despite the Reserve Bank of Australia noting a decline in cash usage, with merely 13% of transactions in 2022 being cash-based, the call for a balanced approach to financial transactions is loud and clear. With projections suggesting Australia could become cashless as early as 2030, “Draw Out Some Cash Day” stands as a vivid reminder of the value many Australians still place on the option to use cash.

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